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HySecurity SLIDESMART Gate Operators

HySecurity SLIDESMART Gate Operators are dependable and feature a built in Battery Backup system for industrial and commercial use.

The standard Battery Backup uses 8AH batteries which provide an estimated 4,000 gate movements after the loss of power.

Via an Ethernet/Fiber, which is a web establish accessory, one can communicate and monitor the system. Alerts and security warnings can also be programmed to notify the owner of any potential issues.

SlideSmart models include:

• SlideSmart DC 10F: 1,000lb Gate, Chain Driven , 2 feet per second

• SlideSmart DC 15: 1,500lb Gate Chain Driven , 1 feet per second

• SlideSmart DCS 10F SOLAR: 1,000lb Gate Chain Driven, 2 feet per second

• SlideSmart DCS 15 SOLAR: 1,500LB Gate Chain Driven, 1 feet per second

Interested in a slide gate operator? Consider the HySecurity SLIDESMART line of slide gate operators and give us a call toll-free whenever you’re ready at 1-800-730-8382.

Question regarding programming a Liftmaster Remote for a Linear Gate Operator

Question: I Live in a complex with Linear a gate operator. I was given one remote (a liftmaster one button) to access the gate. I bought an identical remote but do not know how to program the remote for a Linear gate. Do we have to open the Linear gate box to program the remote to work? Or can it be done externally?

Answer: It sounds like even though your gate is a Linear brand they have installed a Liftmaster receiver on it which is why you’re able to use a Liftmaster remote, so the answer to your question is YES you will have to open the gate motor and locate the receiver, on the receiver there is a program/ learn button that is used to program new transmitters .
Normally in a gated complex for security purposes the office is the only one that has access to the gate operator receiver.

Interested in a Linear Gate Opener? Give us a call toll free at 1-800-730-8382 and we’ll get the process started!