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“Solar” vs. “Green” Gate Operators.

How about we talk about going “SOLAR” OR “GREEN”?  You know those simple, sassy, super, solar powered, easily serviceable systems! I hear you, but let’s take a look at the ones that actually do work.

Allow me to turn your attention to the residential Apollo 1724 & 1824 Swing Gate Series, the tougher commercial 4300SW / 4500SW Swing gate operator as well as the more traditional and better known 1500/1600 Series. If it is a slide gate operator that you require then the 8300/8500 Slide Gate Operators are your babies…

Let’s start with the heart of all these systems, the incredibly practical, always reliable Apollo 1050 Control Board. This little beauty is a Universal control board for both 12VDC as well as 24 VDC (yes, one board does it all, cool right?) and it already offers you a 7 day programmable timer (who’d a thunk it right?), programmable relay outputs and independently built in surge protection both for power as well as all the inputs. A simple plug-in radio receiver for up to 1000 transmitters and more than twice the range than industry standards, if this wasn’t enough there are the programmable inputs and outputs as well as the Nice BlueBUS connector. So now that you’ve got the heart of the system down pat let’s talk about all the really cool operators you can connect to this panel.

Let’s take a closer look at  the 1724 and 1824 and how durable they are, this new generation operator consisting of the 1050 Control Panel and the T-5 actuators is suitable for any environmental condition, the ample 15”X15” control box is made of polycarbonate and includes two 12VDC 7 Amp batteries tucked away behind a hinged 1050 control board for easy access, and can be used with the standard 115VAC electricity or with the solar panels (which have a direct connection with built in charger and regulator) and the system gives you an estimated 200 cycles on the battery alone, while the T5 actuators are made of aluminum shells with polyester paint finish in grey, with an external (keyed of course) manual quick release that allows easy conversion from operation to manual.

Then we have the traditional, always reliable, very tough 1550ETL-1K and 1650ETL-1K Series operators, except that with the new 1050 board the battery can now be charged via solar or AC, the choice is yours. With all the available options that the new “Smart Board” gives you plus smart battery management and charging, either push to open or pull to open mode and with the direct drive system that attaches directly to the gate. It is encased in a NEMA3R weather resistant case powder coated in black and this actuator has a rust proof linear screw drive with self-lubricating gears. The master comes with an 8’ cord while the slave operator has a 38’ cord.

This brings us to the commercial, pad mounted 4300SW (1/2 Horse power) 4500SW ( 1 horsepower) ETL approved swing gate operator for gates of up to 20 feet and half a ton, this commercial unit will surprise you with its ease of operation/installation as well as all the extra features it comes with. It also works with the solar package as well as 115VAC, plus the Smart management of the battery and charging system seamlessly integrates to the manufacturers solar package, and now with a 5 Year commercial and a 7 Year residential warranty, which is the same warranty enjoyed by its slide gate counterpart the 8300SL ( (1/2HP for gates up to 1000Lbs and 35’ long) or the 8500SL (the 1 HP for slightly larger gates weighing 1500 Lbs. and up to 35’ long), which are just as reliable, powerful and easy to install and set up with on-board master /slave management, corrosion resistant galvanized and powder coated frame,

Smart Battery Saver and Solar Charging systems and ergonomically designed to work in commercial applications via solar power even in inclement weather situations.

So give us a call, come by and check them out and see for yourself just how cool these green, good for the environment and durable these operators really are. Give us a call at 1-800-730-8382 or contact us by e-mail.

Which tele-entry access control equipment is right for you?

Another day another ‘peso’. Today we will point out a very unique set of tele-entry access control equipment that should definitely be considered on every one of your future installations and upgrades.

Let’s check out the Linear Plus series, a family of access control and telephone entry models with built in battery back-ups.

We start with the AM-3 Plus. This little baby is ideal for your community clubhouses and pools, parking garages, commercial or industrial locations recreational sites. For starters, it offers the end user, four 3 Amp form “C” relays, two Weigand inputs and two PBUS input/output ports as well as four REX (request to exit) connections and four door positioning sensing ports. It comes equipped with a RS-232 port for a serial connection to a computer or an optional modem (ACM-1) for remote programming via a telephone line/modem configuration and built in battery back-up.

Now, that we got thru the tech specs, let’s talk about the fun stuff. A 20,000 on board transaction memory gives you the ability to go in and see who enters your community, you can also program up to 20,000 codes or devices into three databases which is retained both in the unit (so you can use the AxNet software and store the information in the flash memory) or on your computer (using the AB2000 software), if that wasn’t enough you can network this little unit with the ARE-1000 Plus and the AE-2000 Plus, the pbus allows you to seamlessly add any Linear PBUS accessory such as the AM-RRR Receiver, AM-RPR Remote Prox, AM-KP Ext. Keypad or AM-KPI Int Keypad or you can add up to two 26Bit Weigand inputs using the AM-CRI Card Reader Interface. It comes in a lockable indoor cabinet but also offers a metal, IP 66 weatherproof outdoor cabinet (Model # CAB3 – P/N: ACP000913) for remote location installation.

For the entrance to your small gated community there is the AE1000 Plus. A primary telephone entry access control system housed in a locked, stainless steel faced IP-66 weatherproof cabinet, with all the same awesome features as the AM-3 Plus and a couple of extras, among which you will find a 2 line LCD display with backlight, side lit telephone style keypad, the ability to program manually/onsite without the need of a programmer and an on board 318Mhz receiver with variable gain adjustment for Linear Transmitters (ACT-21/ACT-31 Series). Now you have the capability of also installing an on board B/W or color camera to help visually monitor the activity at that gate!!!

If these were not enough, Linear also offers the AE2000 Plus, the flagship of the line. It is interconnectable with both the AE-1000 Plus and the AM-3 Plus via three wires Rs-485 or thru modems giving them the ability to share information between all of them as a big happy family. Aside from having all the available features as its ‘little brother’ the  AE1000, this full bodied beauty features a brightly backlit keypad and huge well-defined 16 line/graphics LCD display with programmable welcome message and a voice feedback system to ‘talk’ your users through every function they need. Capacity for up to 45,600 transmitters, 45,600 Cards, 20,000 entry codes and 10,000 residents (which makes it perfect for small private towns – OK just being funny). This makes it ideal for multiple community HOA’s which require multiple access points and almost unlimited space for resident databases, and all with a Limited Two Year (well they state it as 24 months) warranty for your peace of mind. So go and look, Check them out and feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding these products, our very savvy and experienced staff will be happy to answer any and all your requests! Give us a call at 1-800-730-8382 or contact us by e-mail.

The ideal applications for LiftMaster’s LA Series Actuator Gate Operators: LA-400, LA-412 and LA-500.

We wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the ideal applications LiftMaster’s LA Series are used for and what each model in the series does. Commonly referred to as the LA Series Gate Actuators there are three models that fall into this category. They are the LA-400, the LA-412 and the LA-500.

The first one in the series is the LiftMaster LA-400 gate actuator. This operator is capable of swinging a gate up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds. It is UL325 compliant for Class I, II, III, IV and 24volt DC with a battery backup system that offers a soft start/stop, a built in 315MHz (312HM) receiver, bi-part delay, clearly labeled control inputs and lock relay. This can be used on a single application as well as a master/slave setup. As a Chamberlain/LiftMaster product they are dependable, durable and come with an outstanding 2 year factory warranty.

Second on the list of the LiftMaster LA Series actuators is the LA-412. The model is used for residential applications, is energy efficient and is a solar powered enabled gate operator. It is used to swinging a gate up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds. This unit is Class I UL325 compliant and comes with a 2 year factory warranty. It includes the built in 315MHz (312HM) receiver, control inputs, lock relay, bi-part delay for master/slave applications, soft start/stop. The control panel has the EverCharge Power Management System. For just under $470 a 20 Watt solar panel could be added to the unit which makes it the ideal machine to “GO GREEN.” If you quality, LiftMaster will provide you with a 30% tax break (only in selected states). To find out if you qualify visit LiftMaster’s web site.

The third and “Big Guy” on the list of LiftMaster’s LA Series Actuators is the LA-500. The most advanced gate operator in the series. This is about as heavy and hefty as you will ever get without going hydraulic as it will handle gates of up to 18 feet and as heavy as 1600 lbs. depending on the gate configuration. Did we mention that it also achieves a 90 degrees opening in 17 seconds?! It is UL Class I, II, III, IV complaint. Being a single/slave gate operator it is the state of the art operator of its type in the market. Features that make the LA-500 a state of the art operator include MyQ Technology, a newer and better ranging Security+ 2.0 receiver (850LM), dual programmable relays, built in Surge Protection, integrated loop detector bay (for use with the LIF-LOOPDTLM), 115/220VAC (with single phase torroid transformer kit). It is also available with a solar power option, which makes it the ideal light commercial “GREEN” operator for those applications that are difficult to supply with an AC power source. All this with a solid 2 year manufacturer’s warranty!

Now that we have given you three iron clad reasons to take a closer look at our LiftMaster LA Series Actuator Gate Operators do not hesitate to contact our technical sales and support team as they are eater to assist you with all your Gate Operator needs. Take advantage of these easy to install, dependable swing gate operators, whatever your application might require. Give us a call at 1-800-730-8382 or contact us by e-mail.