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Liftmaster RSW12U Residential Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator

The RSW12U is a residential light commercial gate operator that delivers accurate control of the gate and performance.

Have the freedom to control access to your property like never before With MyQ with smart phone access. This exquisite system has an integrated battery backup for up to 63 days*. Without recharging, can provide external power to your property by producing up to 147 cycles* or up to 63* days of standby power when the power is down and not accessible for extended an extended period of time on a standard 7AH battery. No other unit can provide this unbeatable assurance and peace of mind. Its solar power capability makes this a power efficient operator and it may qualify homeowners for solar tax credit. This intriguing feature provides security and reliability in unexpected situations.

High-Impact Polyethylene UV-Resistant Cover offers durable protection and easy access for service if required. This exemplary operator runs on a powerful 12VDC or Solar motor and supports heavy duty gates up to 16 ft. in length or weighing up to 1000 lbs. Travel speed of the operator is 90 degree opening in 13-15 Seconds. With LED Diagnostic Display , It simplifies installation and troubleshooting. The operator has optional Expansion board which easily allows the addition of warning lights or alarms, Anti-Tailgate to prevent unauthorized access and quick close to close the gate immediately after a vehicle pulls off sensor .

If you need to talk to an expert in this operator please contact your authorized distributor Fast Access Security , at 305-437-9761 they will be able to provide you with accurate information and will help you to add any accessories you required to have a complete functional system.

ASE-DM150 Automatic Swing Door Opener + Electric Strike

Open or close any swinging door automatically with the press of a remote button. The Swing Door Opener w/ Electric Strike turns any inward or outward swinging, left or right hand door into an automated door, and it even comes with an electric strike for security or privacy. It has 3 operation modes and in the event of a power failure the door will still be able to operate manually.

A variety of modes are available for operation. In Open/Close Mode, two remote buttons will open the door, and the other two will close it. If you have two doors set up, you can use the same remote to control both. In Toggle Mode, you’ll enjoy one-button operation. By activating the remote, the door will either open or close, depending on its current position. When Timer Mode is selected, you’ll activate the remote to open the door, and the door will close automatically after it has been opened for a specific period of time. You may change the timer setting from 10 seconds up to 50 seconds, in 10-second intervals. You can even install a Keypad Transmitter to open the door using a pass code instead of the handheld remote. A handheld keychain remote is also available to control the Swing Door Opener.

During power failure, the door can still be opened or closed manually also manual opening and closing is possible with this automatic door system installed.

Feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-730-8382 for more information.

HySecurity SlideSmart DC 15 Slide Gate Operator

From one of the best manufacturers of heavy duty gate operators comes this affordable DC operator for residential and commercial use, the HySecurity SlideSmart DC 15 Slide Gate Operator.

It is rated for 1,500 lbs and 40’ max gates it has an adjustable rate travel range of 1.75 to 2.25 ft’ per seconds. With is continuous cycle motor it can be used in a variety of applications. What else does it offer you ask, well I’ll tell you, soft start and stop, programmable open and close speeds, battery backup provided by two on board batteries that can be upgraded for extended use in case of a power outage, and if you want to use it solar power only this operator has to be ordered specifically for that configuration.

Built with pride in the U.S.A. Please support our troops all over the world and may God Bless the United States of America.

Need to control access to your premises?

Let’s have a look to the Linear AM3 Plus Access control panel.

It is capable of controlling up to 4 doors, expandable up to 32 doors, up to 10.000 users and 20.000 entry codes . It has four built-in general purpose (Form “C”) relays. Anyone can be used for the control relay and the others for auxiliary control functions, including activation of safety edge reverse, or alarm shunting. In addition, the AM3Plus supports request to exit and door status monitoring for each relay. The AM3Plus is supplied in a lockable plastic enclosure designed for indoor use. For outdoor mounting, an optional NEMA 3R enclosure (Model CAB-3) is available. There are two programming choices: Use any PC at any location to access programming using Linear’s AXNET that is built into the controller. Or use a dedicated PC to access programming using Linear’s AccessBase2000 software. Both choices allow multiple unit connectivity.
Other features include:

Front Panel: two 7-segment LED displays for system configuration, status and troubleshooting
PBUS: two sets for connecting up to six proprietary addressable devices
Wiegand: two sets of Wiegand inputs for connecting 26, 30, or 31 bit Wiegand devices; each Wiegand input supports two reader LED indicators.
Request To Exit: four normally open inputs; each input assigned to specific relay

It is 12/24 VAC or VDC; 16 VAC transformer is included, the operating temperature is -22° to +149°F, dimensions are: 11.5 in L x 4 in W x 12.5 in H (292 x 102 x 318 mm), it comes with Built-in 24-hour clock/calendar with battery back-up and daylight savings adjustment.

SS-TS2000 Keypad

The SS-TS2000 keypad is not just your regular keypad, it is a 26 bit Wiegand device with proximity reading capabilities and completely water proof.

This standalone unit is housed in a strong Zinc alloy electroplated case and the internal electronic components are fully potted so the units is waterproof to IP68 standards.
It supports up to 2000 users in either proximity card, fob or
4 digit pin format.

Take a look at these impressive features:

• Waterproof, conforms to IP68
• Strong Zinc Alloy Electroplated anti-vandal case
• Full programming from the keypad
• 2000 uses, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN
• Can be used as a stand alone keypad
• Back-light keys
• Wiegand 26 output for connection to a controller
• Adjustable Door Output time, Alarm time, Door Open time
• Very low power consumption (30mA)
• Fast operating speed, <20ms with 2000 users • Lock output current short circuit protection • Easy to install and program • Built in light dependent resistor (LDR) for anti tamper • Built in buzzer • Red, Yellow and Green LEDS display the working status When choosing a good reliable keypad consider the SS-TS2000 and ask our product specialist if it right for your application at 1-800-730-8382.